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teaching - C4 church conference 2018

Last year at the C4 Church Conference, Jon Thompson spoke on this idea of “Convergence”.
Jon has just completed a Book, Video Series, and Study Guide on Convergence.

As God come in the flesh, Jesus isn’t just our Savior and our Lord, He is also our model.

That might not sound all that earth-shattering to you, but I believe you’ll realize as you read this book that… Jesus’ role as our model should have just as much impact on our lives as the fact that He is our Lord and Savior.

This is because Jesus, though always God, deliberately chose to limit His divine attributes and power in order not only to show us who God is but also to demonstrate for us what the normal Christian life should look like.

  1. Jesus used spiritual disciplines to walk with the Father, and develop and learn as we do: “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).

  2. Jesus also used spiritual gifts (not His inherent power) to actually carry out His ministry while on earth.

  3. And He used the promptings He received from the Father and the Spirit to lead His disciples into moments of revival.

convergence video series

Session 1: The World as We Know It

Session 2: Jesus - Lord and Model

Session 3: Necessary Spiritual Practices

Session 4: What Are Spiritual Gifts

Session 5: The Gifts of Love

Session 6: The Word Gifts

Session 7: Gifts of Power

Session 8: Welcome to Convergence

Bonus for Leaders: Gift Tension


Convergence Video Series


Session 1
The World as we Know It

Session 2
Jesus - Lord and Model


friday, june 14th & saturday, June 15th


stepping forward on dry ground

Joshua 3:14-17