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Main Sessions

theme scripture: Joshua 3:14-17


Friday Night - Jon Thompson

session 1:
How to Thrive in the Middle

Where do we go when we find ourselves right ‘in the middle’ of the journey God is taking us on? Do we even know the destination? Looking at the story of Israel crossing over the Jordan in Joshua 3, we know God’s call for all of us is not to stay in the middle, but to make it to the promise on the other side. In this session we will explore how to thrive ‘in the middle,’ and keep going toward the God-given future each one of us has.


Saturday morning - drew hyun

Session 2:
5 truths to get you through

Before planting Hope Church Midtown in New York City and co-founding the New City Network, Drew found himself in an unexpected ‘middle’ season of life and ministry. In this season of forging and shaping, Drew learned first hand about the five truths we all must learn to pass through to a life of more significance on the other side. In this personal and practical second session, Drew will share how God led him through ‘the middle’ to plant a family of churches in New York City.


saturday afternoon - jon thompson

session 3:
reaching the goal

In this last session, Pastor Jon will close the Conference by zeroing in on the image of Israel actually passing over the Jordan and standing firmly on the other side. For us as leaders, we know it's not just about the journey, but actually reaching our God-given destination that matters most. So we must ask, what is the role of the leaders as the people begin to move and we get closer and closer to the destination God has called us to? We will end our time together by asking the question: what is the unique, God-given task for leaders in this critical moment?


Saturday morning workshops

Get a look “Under the Hood”

workshop A: Main auditorium

Prompting & Planning

How Prompting and Planning
Converge for Church Alignment

Jon Thompson & Dave Adams
Senior Leadership Team

  • C4’s commitment to gift based ministry influences both our structure and our operations.

  • In this interactive seminar you’ll hear from C4’s Pastoral Lead Team how they work this out in the regular rhythms of leading a growing church.

  • Senior leaders will learn what C4’s commitment to prompting and planning looks like and will be encouraged to think through the theological and practical implications of this approach.

  • In this workshop we share how we deal with tensions between different types of spiritual gifts, leadership dynamics, and decision making as it relates to ministry decisions on an organizational level.

  • Note: There are two workshops offered in the afternoon which are follow-up to this one.

workshop b: Aud c1

Prayer Strategy

Spiritual Dynamics and
Church-Wide Prayer Coordination

Nathalie Wylie
Prayer Director

  • Normalizing and mobilizing biblical prayer practices while also creating a culture of prayer that permeates corporate experience and personal discipleship can be a challenge.

  • Questions are often raised around creating a grace-filled environment for learning while not compromising on theological boundaries nor the care of those seeking prayer.

  • Within the context of spiritual encounter and response, lessons have been learned at C4 which now help us provide practical guidelines that can be adapted to other church contexts regardless of denomination or style.

workshop c: aud c2

Care Strategy

Who Owns Congregational care?

Merry Lin & Jake Dennett
Congregational Care Pastor & Care Specialist

  • As churches grow congregational care expectations explode.

  • A shift in terms of how the church moves from seeing care being primarily delivered by the pastor to care becoming a system of the church needs to happen.

  • This workshop will unpack C4’s care strategy with lots of practical ideas on care and thoughtful discussion on why care needs to be more than just the responsibility of the senior pastor.

workshop D: aud c3

Missions Partnerships

Missions: Buckshot or Lasers? From Scattered Support to Life-Giving Partnerships

Angela Mason & Jervis Djokoto
Current & Previous Pastor of Local & Global Engagement

  • Come and learn more about C4’s historical, traditional approach to missions and how it has transitioned to become much more strategically focused in local and global partnerships.

  • This workshop will take an honest look at the pain of transition, the hard work of refining focus, and the unexpected ways God can increase influence through life-giving partnerships.


workshop e: room c6


congregational discipleship
through songwriting

Chris Vacher & C4 Worship
Executive Pastor, Sites & Services

  • Worship is deeply rooted in discipleship and celebrating Jesus with other believers.

  • As a local church we get to join in with songs from around the world and across generations — yet there are some songs which nobody else can write for us.

  • At C4 we’ve chosen to write songs as a response to the incredible work God is doing among us.

  • In this workshop we share how the songs C4 Worship sings, writes, and records in this season are an outpouring of praise to God.

  • We’ll talk about songwriting as a spiritual discipline as well as outline our process of writing songs all the way through to singing them in our worship services.



Saturday afternoon workshops

Get a look “Under the Hood”

Workshop f: main auditorium

Strategic Planning

if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

Dave Adams
Lead Pastor - Planning & Implementation

  • Most church ministry plans don’t succeed because of poor execution not because of lack of vision.

  • “Strategy trumps vision all day and twice on Sundays”.

  • In this workshop Lead Pastor, Dave Adams will summarize C4’s journey over the last 10 years and the delivery of 2 five year strategic plans, sharing practical advice on where the speed bumps show up in the process and how C4 has overcome them.

  • Note: This workshop will be one of the follow-up options from Prompting & Planning offered in the morning.

workshop G: aud c1

Multicultural Church

Bridging Racial, Socio-Economic, and Gender Barriers in Ministry

Drew Hyun
Hope Church Midtown NYC

  • From his on-the-ground experience in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world, Drew will take us beneath the surface in how we as leaders can bridge racial, socio-economic and gender barriers in the church.

  • Teaching on principles that go beyond superficial maxims of 'wokeness',

  • Drew will unpack this critical topic through his unique experience of leading in a multicultural church of 70+ nationalities in the heart of Queens, and thereafter planting 9 multicultural churches in the five boroughs of NYC.

workshop H: aud c2


Strategic Church Communications

Joanna la Fleur
Director of Communications

  • Churches with vision, passion, and solid leadership can be crippled by poor communication, both internal and external.

  • Communication leaders typically struggle with leading up, maximizing limited resources, and clarifying communication strategy for the benefit of staff, congregation, and community.

  • Come and hear how C4 has been able to navigate these and other practical challenges without sacrificing creative excellence.

workshop I: aud c3

Human Resources for Church

HR Hygiene: Church Really Can Be A Great Place to Work

Deborah Earley & Chris Vacher
Director of Human Resources / Executive Pastor, Sites & Services

  • Job expectations for church staff usually involve handshake deals, hallway conversations, and unrealistic salary expectations - on both sides!

  • In a climate of increased government scrutiny, churches need good HR hygiene for both employee and employer.

  • With over 30 years of experience in management, HR leadership and Executive coaching at IBM Canada, Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge and practical skill to help churches and ministry leaders thrive in a constantly changing work world

friday, june 14th & saturday, June 15th


stepping forward on dry ground

Joshua 3:14-17