Main Sessions


Session 1:

Building Ministry on Places of Guaranteed Encounter

Jon Thompson

Is it a right expectation to always find God by walking in certain environments, entering certain places, or doing certain practices? Though God is omnipresent, according to the Bible there are places where God always comes close. In this session we will dive into these “guaranteed" places of encounter and learn how they are foundational for ministry.


Session 2:

Jesus as Our Model, Not Just Our Saviour: Spiritual Gifts & Church Renewal

Jon Thompson

How did Jesus do God-like things, but not use his Godness, yet still never stopped being God? And what does that mean for us? In this session we learn about the role of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life and our own. We gain clarity about the expectations we should have for ourselves and our church communities - and what it truly it means to be the Body of Christ.



Session 3:

Jesus as Our Model, Not Just Our Saviour: Spiritual Disciplines & God-Given Vision

Jon Thompson

What example did Jesus set for us as it relates to the role of the Holy Spirit? In this session, we cover two ends of the same spectrum - how we as ministry leaders are simple disciples of Jesus in need of transformative soul care, while at the same time moving from God's prompting to planning for the God-given vision for our ministries, just as Jesus did.


Session 4:

God Help Us- What Next? Engaging our Ministries with these Uncomfortable Truths

Jon Thompson

What are appropriate expectations to have for ourselves and our ministries as a result of what we've learned? In this final session, we will see biblically how the convergence of spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines, and spiritual experiences will impact you personally as well as how/why you do ministry, so that you return to your ministry equipped for what lies ahead.




Congregational Discipleship through Songwriting

Chris Vacher, Sites & Services Pastor

Worship is deeply rooted in discipleship and celebrating Jesus with other believers. As a local church we get to join in with songs from around the world and across generations. Yet there are some songs which nobody else can write for us. At C4 we’ve chosen to write songs as a response to the incredible work God is doing among us.

In this workshop we share how the songs C4 Worship sings, writes, and records in this season are an outpouring of praise to God. We’ll talk about songwriting as a spiritual discipline as well as outline our process of writing songs all the way through to singing them in our worship services



Dynamic Small Groups through Strategic Sermon Alignment

Lorie Hartshorn, Adult Ministries Pastor

Come join us as we consider what makes a dynamic small group ministry. We will interact around both the why and how of groups.  Not all group ministries need to look alike but key components to dynamic groups start with a clear goal for groups and then equip groups to meet that goal.   Learn how you can get unbelievable alignment in your church through your small groups by moving towards a sermon-series approach.

Since we all have the same Holy Spirit as we prepare for preaching, or group discussion resources are prepared months before the sermons are written!   

Also come see our Group in a Box that has enabled us to launch many small groups, equipping the leaders and the members for a successful group experience.


How Prompting and Planning Converge for Church Alignment

Dave Adams, Lead Pastor & Jon Thompson, Preaching and Vision Pastor

C4’s commitment to gift based ministry influences both our structure and our operations. In this interactive seminar you’ll hear from C4’s Pastoral Lead Team how they work this out in the regular rhythms of leading a growing church. 

Senior leaders will learn what C4’s commitment to prompting and planning looks like and will be encouraged to think through the theological and practical implications of this approach. In this workshop we share how we deal with tensions between different types of spiritual gifts, leadership dynamics, and decision making as it relates to ministry decisions on an organizational level.


Spiritual Dynamics and Church Wide Prayer Coordination

Nathalie Wylie, Prayer Coordinator

C4 Church has four parts to its prayer ministry: Sunday Prayer, Elder Prayer, Healing Prayer, and Restoration Prayer (a deliverance ministry). The aim of this workshop is to outline what has been implemented at C4 Church to normalize biblical prayer practices and to create a culture of prayer that permeates corporate experience and personal discipleship. This will include how to make serving in prayer ministry accessible to anyone while providing opportunities for the development of specialized spiritual gifts.

We will cover how to create a grace-filled environment for learning, while not compromising on theological boundaries nor the care of those seeking prayer. We will also discuss the balance of allowing for Spirit-led fluidity while eliminating unnecessary unpredictability. The workshop will provide practical guidelines that can be adapted to other church contexts, but will also challenge each individual to seek a fresh encounter with the Living God in their own prayer experience.


Using your Spiritual Gifts and Practical Application in Community


joel penney, c4 port perry site pastor

In 2011 Pastor Jon led our church through a 10 week sermon series about spiritual gifts, which was a brand new conversation for our church at the time. Years later, that series has proved to be a pivotal turning point in C4’s story. In short, hundreds of people across our church began operating in their God-given spiritual gifts, almost overnight. It changed the very fabric of our church. But with that came a multitude of new questions and challenges. Our church has been like a laboratory for working out spiritual gifts in local church life ever since.

In this session we will be build on what Pastor Jon teaches about spiritual gifts in the main sessions and dive deeper into the practical side of working spiritual gifts out in community. If you already know what your spiritual gifts are and are part of a local church that seeks to practice the gifts in community, this session is for you. We’ll move beyond gift-theology and gift-discovery to we can talk through the practical side of actually using the gifts in community. Come and ask your questions as you’ve been using your gifts in community and we’ll tackle them together.