bring your team


in the middle together as a church leadership team

We want to invite your whole team to the c4 church conference!

As you consider as a team if the C4 Church Conference is right for you,
we have developed a series of questions to help your leadership team talk through some of the middles we find ourselves in from culture, to vision, to personal walk.


Bring these discussion questions to your next Senior Leadership Team.

Does your teams’ answers highlight any opportunities?

Raise any issues?

Reveal team alignment or misalignment?

Impact your next steps as a church?

Reveal more middles to step forward from?

Why Bring your Team?

Attending the same conference together provides team alignment in 5 ways:

  1. Gives a common script to your team

  2. Common reference point for how and why decisions in your church will be made

  3. Can act as a “line in the sand” for stopping unhelpful team/church behaviours

  4. Bond relationally in a different context from “work”

  5. Provide space for personal refilling and hearing from God, strengthening the whole team


Why attend C4 Church Conference Together?

In addition to the above…

  1. Teams of 4 or more save an additional $20 per ticket from the early bird price

  2. Request a team debrief table after conference to discuss next steps while everything is fresh

  3. We’ll send you a C4 Church Conference team debrief package to help ensure next steps are taken!

If you have any questions before bringing a team, please email our conference coordinator at

friday, june 14th & saturday, June 15th


stepping forward on dry ground

Joshua 3:14-17